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At the introductory meeting over a cup of strong coffee, tell us how you envision your event. You may have thought about a festive bar mitzvah in a synagogue, a wedding in nature or an exclusive and super fancy social event. The introductory meeting is like a compass, which will show us the way.
Understanding the vision
The secret to a perfect event is to wisely combine your vision with reality. At this stage we will think together without limitations, how you want your event to look: the design, the location, the atmosphere, the food... and we will be more and more precise until we are satisfied with the idea.
Concept and creative
In the next step, a unique character will be chosen for the event, and we will embody it in a multi-sensory experience. Together we will choose the design line, the content that will accompany the event, the branding and the messages that will be remembered many weeks after the end of the event.
Finding a location
After getting to know each other in depth, establishing cooperation and consolidating the dream, we will lay the first brick in the magnificent building of event production - the location. Together we will look at the map and choose the exact location for the event, according to your personal preferences.
Selection of suppliers
When there is doubt, there is no doubt (: together we will recruit the best minds, and we will work around the clock to match the exact suppliers for the event, with the main emphasis being on suppliers who have passed a careful examination according to parameters of experience, cost vs. benefit and come in line with the professional standard that we have engraved on our banner.
Line up for the event
Tony Robbins already said a long time ago: if you dream it, it's possible, but if it's in your diary - it's real! The line-up is the event management document, which includes the schedule and the exact flow of the actions that will take place at the event, including the suppliers who are responsible for each action. All this effort, to make sure that the event will tick and you and the guests will have a smooth and worry-free experience.
The establishment phase
At this stage, the vision, the concept and the creative work together. Our team starts to design the place and the tables, set up the stage, the lighting, the music and the branding accessories so that everything is ready for the event. Excitement!
Managing the day of the event
Yay! We've reached the most exciting moment - the Lomco team goes into action, switches to Mode A, connects radios to the ears, and connects everything together in perfect synchronization! We beat a whole 'concert' of suppliers and service providers, committed to a line-up built especially for the event. And what is your role? Disconnect from everything, and enjoy chilling with your guests.

Summary of the event

Summary of the event - your opinion is important to us! In order for us to continue to be the best producers for our customers, it is important for us to hear your feedback, to constantly improve ourselves and learn lessons for the future.