your experience,
Our specialty

For a production that looks and feels like a million dollars,
You won't really have to pay a million dollars

so how much? how? And what did we come to do here? lets start 

First, let's check if there is a match between us. Take a minute and check compatibility:

Each project is one of a kind, in styling, design, vision and planning.
When we receive a new project, the real challenge (and the fun!) is to crack the vision that the clients see in their eyes, turn it into a work plan and translate it into an event.
Here awaits you a glimpse of Lomco's unique work process, just before the beautiful moments arrive that our customers will cherish in their hearts forever.

Danny and Avner Lomko, twin brothers and owners of Lomko Productions,
A production company that will walk you hand in hand throughout the stages of your event,
and turn it into a magical, fun, light and customized experience for you personally.

It is a pleasure to participate in the event we produced,
Almost like cracking the 'secret' of your event, and combining all the details:
Location, design, lighting, content, music and food, for a one-of-a-kind event
Just as you imagined. 

It's going to flow really well
So let go of the reins and let us lead

Danny Lomako

A former fighter and commander, a perfectionist since always and with rich experience in producing private and business events.
Danny's specialization is in connections: locating and matching the service providers to the event, synchronizing and coordinating them and managing the logistics system in the best way.

Avner Lomako

A former fighter and commander with rich experience in the world of event production.
A champion of ideas: sharp, jagged, and full of design ideas like water.
We are both people of Walk the talk: our word is a word, and we are committed to it to the maximum.
Add to that our fashion for creation, creativity, uncompromising professionalism and attention to the smallest details, and you have peace of mind and zero worries at your event.

From our first meeting to the conclusion of the event,
We accompany couples at every stage of the event. Come and discover all the stages of work that created the perfect event for you

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