Exclusive production with meticulous vision
They came to us straight from Be'er Sheva with a special vision for the event and zero time to mess with production. We took the vision and translated it into an event with a glam and branded atmosphere, customized for the young target audience that came to the wedding. A unique branding language stood out at the event, which made it unforgettable: a 6 meter high banner with unique branding designed especially for the event at the reception, a magnificent entrance wall and screens that speak the same branding language. In addition, we incorporated a variety of facilitations and elements that you don't see in every event: starting with a luxurious design and a special sketch of the tables, through an unforgettable branding of the event and ending with an invested party that does not embarrass a festival. For the benefit of the after-party, we brought a guest artist, a special DJ with an electronic techno concept that did not leave any guest indifferent. In addition to the careful planning and design, the production was required to find advanced technological solutions for the events, such as: an advanced amplification system, special laser lighting and an expert agrees that the whole purpose was to provide appropriate creative for the music at the moment of truth. In total, between 15-20 different suppliers were present at the event. To begin with, the couple estimated the production at about one million shekels, but thanks to our knowledge and experience in producing complex events, we were able to refine the budget, and reduce it by dozens of percent, according to the couple's level of ability, and the result was an excellent project.

We love you from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for everything!

You made our day truly perfect. You made dreams come true and everything was really above expectations!! You are champions and you deserve all the praise in the world because we really had a great time with you! Is it possible to have an intense production even in a covenant with God's help?