A fairytale wedding
Nasya - a complex of dreams and events
Who said princesses only exist in fairy tales? Sabin and Shimi wanted to produce a wedding with an unconventional concept, as a couple that likes to go outside the box and likes Disney movies, and the result? Put the Disney movies in the little pocket. Sabin and Shimi's wedding is anything but ordinary. As an avid fan of Disney movies, Halma Sabin, still in the engagement phase, dreamed of a fairytale wedding in a Disney concept. The proposal was forwarded to Shimi, who along with her was enthusiastic about the idea, and from there - for implementation by the Lomco team. As experienced event producers, we recommended the couple several locations suitable for the princely concept. They were offered several options to choose from, with the place finally chosen being the Nesya event complex, located at Ram Junction. With creative thinking outside the box, and choosing suitable service providers from different fields, we turned the well-kept place into a real Disney kingdom: at the reception we set up flags befitting a magical and royal castle, the centerpieces of the table included elements from the classic Disney films (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc.), the flower arrangements were placed in Royal carriages, and magnificent golden lamps hung from the walls. The menu that was waiting for the guests on the tables was accompanied by the familiar font of Disney movies, with a special branding that we created especially for Sabin and Shimi, and in the background, all the way to the roof, well-known and beloved Disney classics were playing. Such a meticulous and creative wedding, first and foremost required finding suitable service providers for the event: designers, set-up people, music, lighting, beverage bar and so on. After that, planning an accurate schedule, creating a sketch for the event according to the predetermined budget, and ensuring complete synchronization between all suppliers. This is how we helped the guests remember what a fairy tale looks like, and the happy couple to go all the way with their special dream and write their own Disney movie. And most importantly - the couple lives happily ever after, with sweet memories from the wedding that accompany them, to this very day.

A very charming pair of brothers who came to us with an idea for a Disney concept wedding which later became Cinderella's ball wedding.

They just helped us find all the suppliers that could help us make this dream come true. From the photographer and DJ to the graphic artist and other elements that can upgrade the wedding (flags, menus, elements in the ceiling, oil lamps for the tables to create the effect and many other suppliers). Beyond the process itself, they also make sure that the day itself goes smoothly and no one calls you in the middle of the makeup. They arrive from noon or morning to set up the event and make sure that everything takes place in the best possible way. They also helped to make sure that no unnecessary reserve would be opened at the event, in short a pair of cannons!!!!